What types of work are included in a "tweak"?

Tweaks do include edits to content, formatting adjustments, updating WordPress or plugin settings, updating forms and much more. We’ll take care of almost anything related to the design and development of your website that can be done typically within 30 minutes from within the WordPress Dashboard.

Tweaks do not include fixing and debugging of errors caused by incompatible plugins, custom development, updating custom theme code, graphic design, or building out a new landing page, new form, or new website… that is, tasks typically taking much more than 30 minutes each.

For Example:

  • Tweaks include: You want us to update existing content or replace an image or add a new field in a contact form. Any one of those tasks are typically completed within 30 minutes.
  • Tweaks don’t include: You want us to create page content or graphics or a completely new form for your site.

Category: Maintenance