What makes WPWeb the #1 WordPress support service?
WPWeb’s WordPress Support is simply fanatical. We go to great lengths to make sure that all issues are handled in a proactive manner so that you don’t even know that there were even issues to deal with. Headache free is our goal and we want to make sure that you’ll be recommending WPWeb to others.
Updates are simply a critical part to maintaining any website, especially WordPress. WordPress is well over 20% of all internet sites worldwide and thus a prime target for hackers. A site must be kept up to date for security reasons, bug fixes, enhancements and WPWeb takes care of all this for you.
Perhaps the most fundamental feature of any support includes offsite backups. WPWeb uses offsite cloud backups to insure that your site can be restored for any reason such as hacker attacks, breakage due to software incompatibilities, content updates that corrupted other content and just plain human error.
As fast as security holes are being filled, the attackers are coming up with new methods. WPWeb is vigilant about your security and we make sure that your site’s security is handled in the most thorough and robust manner. We perform scans and secure your site (e.g. block IPs of people trying to break in)
Your site operates 24/7 (or at least it should). We constantly monitor your site every minute to make sure it’s up and that even if there is some issue, it’s taken care of immediately. Don’t have your site down for hours/days just because nobody is paying attention to it. Let WPWeb take care of this for you.
Sometimes you just need small tasks done each month. Depending on your plan, you can request either 1 or unlimited tweaks (see FAQ for details) and we’ll take care of them for you. Don’t waste time doing it yourself as you’re better of spending time taking care of your business instead of your site.
Our Pro and Premium plans come with hosting and WPWeb’s hosting is done on high performance servers (and not overcrowded shared hosting). We also take care of other performance issues for your site and keep in mind that a site’s performance is used by Google for its search engine rankings!
Are you selling through your WordPress site? We’ll support you there with all your needs including ecommerce configuration, assisting you with ecommerce features, SSL configuration, payment gateway configuration and more. Need suggestions on additional functionality or SEO? We’re there for you!